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Do to urban sprawl, the age of our homes generally get newer, the further from downtown we get. Even if you live in a new home, you are still susceptible to bugs. A pests ability to enter and establish itself within a home, primarily depends on the crevices in which it can enter and hide. Newer homes often have as many or more gaps and than older houses!

Different types of construction are susceptible to different pests. For example: Mice scurry up the outside corners of vinyl siding. Then go right into attics.

For every town there are certain pest susceptibilities that are common due to the prominent style of architecture in the area. Dutch Colonial homes have terrific soffit eves that act great as bird houses. The pillars of Greek Revival homes mimic a tree trunk. Carpenter ants take a liking to them.

Different areas of Cleveland feel pressure from pests that are relatively unknown in other locations. If you live by Lake Erie, spiders are a huge nuisance. If you live adjacent to the Metroparks, destructive raccoons rise out of the woods at night. For some reason Lakewood gets a lot of rats. And Bay Village has termites.

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Rocky River Pest Control Services

Rocky River

According to reports, mice and wasps run rampant in Rocky River, OH homes. Most importantly, more people choose to mouse-proof there homes here, than any other area. Check out what else is going on in this area.

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Bay Village Pest Control Services.

Bay Village

For one thing, Bay home sit on a wooded lot. Basically every house receives shelter from the canopy of large shade trees. What does this mean for pests? In general, damp shaded areas with trees result in termites. While these wood destroying insects are uncommon in NE Ohio, they pop up quite often in Bay Village.

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Cleveland Pest Control Services


The city is certainly in a class of its own. Our records show a whole different realm of pests, compared to the suburbs. Our Cleveland service area goes from downtown, to Westpark.

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Westlake Pest Control Services.


So there is a neighborhood in Westlake, flourishing with wildlife. This hot spot, lays just East of Basset Road. And just South of Detroit Ave. Mice, raccoons, coupled with flying squirrels inhabit this diverse ecosystem. The only problem is that these critters take up residence with homeowners. Most of our work in Westlake centers in one specific development.

Pest Control Westlake

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