Pest Control Services In Westlake, OH

You have to know both sides of the coin to successfully treat homes for pests in Westlake. On one side you have the original homes. These homes are found along the main drags. Hilliard Blvd., Caterbury Rd., Dover Center Rd., Clague Rd., and Columbia Rd are the original residential streets. These homes are ranches and cape cods with some other architecture mixed in. North Olmsted homes share a lot of similarities with older Westlake homes. These homes deal with many of the common pest problems. Homes with paver stone patios and walk ways tend to get the smaller sugar ant infestations. This is especially true of some of the slab construction homes you will find in the area. Pavement ants show up inside homes during winter and we take care of them with bait trailing applications. Yellowjackets and mud dauber wasps are issues. They take up residence wherever there are gaps big enough in the siding to squeeze through. Westlake homes tend to have reoccuring problems with spiders in the basement. This is likely due to the fact that most basements are finished or semi-finished. The drywall blocks access to the foundation where the spiders are entering. Therefore spiders become an ongoing nuisance.

A lot of customers in Westlake get problems with stinkbugs. These pests of the landscape are becoming overwintering guests inside homes. They squeeze underneath siding, come down the chimney, and enter attics through the soffits and roof vents. The first thing to do is to make sure the damper is closed on non-functioning fireplaces. If you use the fireplace you might want to install glass door inserts that seal the opening of the fireplace when not in use. Stinkbugs can be hard to prevent, especially if you have powered attic fans. Many Westlake homes use attic fans to cool the home. Since they are powered, screens cannot be installed. Screening these creates a firehazard. We tackle overwintering insect pests in a variety of ways. Call us if you need help, (216) 466-2486.

The two most important pest worthy things worth mentioning is about bats and termites. First off a lot of the city’s newer homes have foam board insulation installed underground along the exterior foundation walls. Termites move through this foam like we move through air. Not saying that you have termites if you have this type of construction. It may warrant periodic termite inspection and monitoring.

Bats are another issue we run into a lot in Westlake, especially in some of the newer homes. Newer homes tend to have brick or stone facades that join into aluminum flashing or wood trim. Since stone and brick have mortar joints these walls are not flat surfaces. As a result there are often gaps where the wall junctions with the flat surface of fascia and trim. These gaps are often the perfect size for bats, flying squirrels and mice to enter attics. Since newer homes use aluminum material more than wood for soffits and eves, there tends to be more hidden gaps that these pests can enter. Sealing a newer home for flying squirrels, bats, and mice can be an extremely detailed process, especially a larger home. Nonetheless it is an important investment to prevent property damage and minimize the exposure risk to zoonotic disease.

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