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Gregory Marquard
17:20 30 Dec 17
Shawn was excellent and took care of the problem. Highly recommended!Greg
Bob Machovec
20:36 24 Dec 17
Lakewood Exterminiating provided excellent service! Shawn was prompt in responding to our initial call, and followed up to be sure the problem was taken care of. His service was professional and curteous. Highly recommended!
Kristin Weis
22:26 10 Dec 17
It has been about a month since Shawn came out to deal with German cockroaches in our house. We weren't at the level of an infestation (thankfully), but we had seen a couple in our bathroom and bedroom. We are pleased to report that we haven't seen any since he treated our home. He was quick, courteous, and very professional. We would definitely hire him again.
Brian Wunderle
18:24 06 Dec 17
Great service all around. He came back to the house every two weeks until the bed bugs were completely gone! Highly recommended.
Predrag Lazic
17:00 01 Dec 17
Great experience. If you are looking for a company to solve your pest problem look no further. I cant judge the longevity of the solution as the service was just performed, however all other aspects where A+: 1. Professionalism A+2. Knowing ones job : A+3. On time every time, responsiveness to calls, explaining the issue : A+4. Ease of payment (payment only after the job is done, can pay withe card, can pay online) A+5. People skills: A+
Denise Easterling Lee
14:43 08 Nov 17
Shawn did a fantastic job of eliminating a horrifying house centipede invasion that was affecting all 4 levels of my house. He kept at the problem by applying a variety of treatments until the problem was resolved. I had tried other another exterminator before using Lakewood Exterminating - that exterminator failed to solve the problem. I will continue to use Shawn/Lakewood Exterminating in the future.
Ron Sharpless
15:26 17 Oct 17
I've been using Lakewood Exterminating for a few years now and have been very pleased with the results. They always make quick work of my ant problems! The spraying and bait traps both seem to be very effective. I've never had luck with store bought bait traps but the ones they use really draw the ants to them! The service is thorough, professional and well priced. Thanks guys!
Sarah Kucinski
12:10 14 Sep 17
I had mice in a house I recently purchased and my traps were not catching them but the cats were kind enough to bring the mice (alive) upstairs. So I called Lakewood Pest Control and they came right away. He showed me where the mice were getting in at and patched up the hole for me. He also pointed out other areas that could be potential problems which was such a great help. So far, no more mice which I am very grateful for. I believe they are priced great! If I ever have anymore problems with pests, they hands down will be the first company I contact.
Elizabeth Kenis
15:38 25 Aug 17
Shawn was very helpful answered all my questions, amd definitely made me feel at ease. He was very professional and I would recommend to anyone with any sort of pest problem in the area. Thanks so much!
Dakota Powers
01:21 17 Aug 17
Shawn was so incredibly responsive. We have a rental property that we take great pride in. He handled the issue quickly. Our tenants were happy, and we are happy. One thing I really liked is that he made some recommendations that we were able to use to keep future "visitors" away.
Shannon Gill
17:25 02 Aug 17
We had a great experience with Lakewood Exterminating. Shawn returned my email about setting up an appointment immediately. He also arrived at our home promptly, and alleviated the issue. I would highly recommend Lakewood Exterminating to any homeowners.
Dana Tangry
15:22 22 Jul 17
We have used Lakewood Exterminating several times now for various insect problems. Shawn is very knowledgeable and professional. We continue to be very satisfied with the results. Highly recommend!
kip jenkins
15:10 21 Jul 17
Extremely professional and very punctual. We he sets an appointment he is there on time. Had a major pest problem. They took care of it very quickly. Highly recommended. Thank you Lakewood Exterminating ??
Betsy O'Neil
11:57 10 Jul 17
Highly recommend!! I can't say enough about how helpful and professional Shawn was with eradicating pests from our RR home. He even came out on a Sunday! He is reasonably priced & is very straight forward with best plan of action.
Ron Sommer
23:04 04 May 17
I called based on the many positive reviews. Shawn was very professional and efficient. He came out the next day and took care of our ant problem quickly and immediately. Price was far below what I expected.
sandy kern
17:23 24 Apr 17
I've gone with Shawn multiple times and he has been nothing but helpful and consistent. I would recommend him to anyone with pest problems big or small. I have found myself in both situations and he had solutions for each
Stacy Gardner
15:24 04 Mar 17
I cannot rate Shawn and Lakewood Exterminating high enough! I live in Washington DC and have tenants living in my house in Cleveland. I've used Lakewood Exterminating several times now for various pests. When my tenant needed a mouse situation resolved quickly, Shawn came that very night to put out traps and do an assessment to identify additional steps I could take to prevent mice from getting into the house. He is incredibly professional and honest, and he always makes me feel like my business is a priority. Lakewood Exterminating also sends me quotes and bills electronically so that I can easily submit payment. It's great to be able to trust his services when living remote. Highly recommend them!!!!!
Kathryn Marcuse
13:01 18 Oct 16
Shawn is reliable and a hard worker. He is easy to work with and reasonably priced. He gets to the root of the problem and rids your home of pests. He has a variety of solutions to your pest problems. I would highly recommend Shawn to friends and family.
Kimberly Monaco
01:17 18 Aug 16
I can't say enough good things about Shawn from Lakewood Exterminating! His response time is AMAZING. His knowledge and work ethic are incredible. I strongly recommend him. He's quick, efficient and gets the job done 🙂 You won't be disappointed.
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